Nepo Press Formatting Service

Fast, high-quality, inexpensive: pick any … three. Yes, you really can get all three.

We turn your manuscript into an eBook (an EPUB3 file for uploading to Amazon, NOOK, Kobo, Apple, etc., or sending directly to your Kindle) and also into a “camera-ready” PDF suitable for publishing a printed book through Amazon.

Note, Amazon previously required the Mobi format but now prefers and accepts the industry-standard EPUB3 format.

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To see our quality, take a look at some of the books we have formatted, for example Rebecca Radley's books.

Rebecca makes her 68,000-word novel Sombras del Pasado (Shadows of the Past) available for free as a sample of her writing. She has given permission for posting that book here, not only as the eBooks but also as the camera-ready PDF she submitted to CreateSpace (now Amazon) for the print version. Please be sure to view the PDF in "two-page" or "dual" mode with odd page numbers on the right (to see how it would look as a printed book).

This gives a good idea of how your novel would look when you format it yourself using our web-based service:

Here is a smaller example:

Author Accounts

We are not offering new Author Accounts to the general public at this time, but we are extending existing Author Accounts indefinitely.

These do-it-yourself accounts provide you with extensive control over the formatting of your manuscript, not just after your book is finished, but even during the development process. This includes almost instant turnaround and unlimited revisions. This allows you to “format early and often” and do some or all of your proofreading on an eBook as you write your book.

See this video for an overview. (As I write this in December of 2023, that video is about 8 years old. The main change I would make is to note that Mobi files are now obsolete so you would click on the EPUB button instead of the Mobi button.)

See Standard Formatting for full details.