Getting Started Guides, FAQ, etc.

First, read the Getting Started guide:

Click on one of the links below (HTML or PDF) to open the Getting Started guide in your web browser:

Note 1: If you don’t have a Nepo Press book account yet, then just read through the Getting Started guide to get an idea of the process.

Note 2: After you sign up for a Nepo Press book account, even though you probably have an existing manuscript, please work through the instructions in the Getting Started guide to create the dummy manuscript. This will take you through the basic steps of preparing a manuscript from scratch and then formatting it as an eBook. (Doing this step will save you time in the long run.)

After you have completed the Getting Started guide exercise

After you have completed the Getting Started guide exercise, see Preparing an Existing .doc Manuscript for how to prepare your existing .doc or .odt file for publishing.

Cheat Sheet

For a quick reference (cheat sheet) for marking up your manuscript, see Quick Reference Guide.


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, see the FAQ.


For more detailed information, see the three user manuals.


See our proofreading guide for suggestions on removing the last typo or formatting error.


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See videos for some YouTube how-to videos.

Copying a Mobi or EPUB file to a smart phone or tablet

See Putting Your Book on Your Phone or Tablet for help with copying your Mobi or EPUB file to a smart phone.


This is a checklist for our internal use, placed here to make it easy for us to find. It most likely will be of no use to you.