Custom Formatting

We are not offering custom formatting at this time. However, you can do it yourself with our formatting service book account. See Standard Formatting for full details.


Our novel formatting looks great. To see for yourself, look at one of the Rebecca Radley books. Currently Sombras del Pasado is free on Amazon, etc.

To see how a printed book turns out, buy one of her paperbacks at Amazon or download for free the “camera-ready” PDF version of Sam Speedo (Bathing Suit Detective) (be sure to set your PDF viewer to show two pages side by side and make sure it shows even pages on the left and odd pages on the right or it will look funny).

We turn your manuscript into both a Mobi file (for Amazon Kindle), an EPUB 3 file (for NOOK, Kobo, Apple, etc.) and, optionally, a “camera ready” PDF for publishing a printed book through Amazon (formerly CreateSpace). We also run the EPUB file through the EpubCheck program to verify it passes.


Our normal turnaround time is 72 hours (3 days) from receipt of your materials and payment. 24-hour expedited turnaround is also available.

After the initial formatting, our normal turnaround time for corrections and adjustments is 24 hours.


For manuscripts up to 140,000 words, the price for our standard novel style is $85. This includes both a Mobi file (for Amazon) and an EPUB file (for B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, etc.). Add $50 if over 140,000 words. Add $40 for “camera-ready” PDF for publishing through Amazon. Add $50 for 24-hour turnaround.

This includes unlimited revisions for two weeks at no additional charge.

If you have special requirements, need a different style, more than four images, etc., we are happy to give you a quote.

We place a formatting credit on the copyright page such as

formatted by

which helps advertise our formatting service. The above prices take this into account. If you really don’t want our credit to appear in your book, we will omit it for an additional $50.00.

How does it work?


We do not proofread your manuscript. You must do your own proofreading.

Book Cover

We do not create your book cover. You must send us a jpg image for your book cover for your eBooks. It will be included in your eBooks. You will also upload a book cover image directly to Amazon, etc., when you publish.

There is no need to send us a book cover image for the “camera-ready” PDF for publishing through Amazon. You will upload that directly to Amazon when you publish.


Unlimited revisions for two weeks at no extra charge. This is for formatting errors on our part and any typos, changes, corrections on your part.

Our turn-around time for revisions is 24 hours from the time we receive your email with the corrections until the time the new eBooks and PDF are ready. If we run late, which is unlikely but possible, we will extend the two weeks accordingly.

After two weeks, revisions are $25.00 each (up to, say, 10 to 20 items—if the changes seem excessive, we will email you with a quote).

Specify items to be corrected in context (so we can use the computer to search for them), not by page number. Include chapter info if that will help identify the items. For example

Chapter 6
change "red" to "green" in "the red dog ate my homework"

Chapter 20
change "the the" to "the" in "after the the ball was over"

About the Author
remove the first paragraph and replace it with the following paragraph:
   The author was born at an early age 
   and grew rapidly for a while.
   Fortunately, that tapered off eventually.  


Your manuscript can include up to four .jpg (JPEG) images (cover image and up to three more). The cover image is required for most eBook distributors. If you have more than four images, please email us for a quote.

For example, for the novel Stormy Night, you might have a cover image named stormy.jpg, a photo of the author named frank.jpg, and two thumbnail images for two of your other books, named firstbook.jpg and secondbook.jpg.

You would email the manuscript as an attachment and email the four .jpg files as separate attachments.

In the manuscript, indicate where you want the images to appear (except for the cover image). The best way is with a “FIXME”. That is, write a separate paragraph like this:

FIXME: firstbook.jpg goes here

Formatting Notes

You may mention general formatting requests or questions in your email or right in the manuscript itself. In the manuscript, be sure to write an uppercase “FIXME” so we’ll be sure to spot it.

To point out special formatting requests, just insert a “FIXME” paragraph with the details. For example,

FIXME: Please format the next three paragraphs with a wider margin.


FIXME: Please format the next five items as a list.

Of course, your “FIXME” notes won’t appear in the finished eBooks or PDF.

PDF Notes

Reviewing the PDF

We format the PDF for submitting to Amazon to be printed as a book. To view it properly, set up your PDF viewer to show two pages at a time, with even-numbered pages on the left and odd on the right. If the viewer shows odd pages on the left, look for a setting in your PDF viewer where you can change that or use a different PDF viewer.

Printed Book Trim Size

By default, we format the PDF for an 5.25x8 inch trim size (5-1/4 inches wide by 8 inches high) and with top, bottom, inner, and outer margins that meet Amazon’s requirements.

If you would prefer a different trim size or margins, just let us know in your email (or in “FIXME” notes in your manuscript). Here are the defaults (in inches) for the trim size (width and height) and the margins:

width 5.25
height 8.00
inner 0.76
outer 0.50
top 0.80
bottom 0.80


To get started on your book, email your manuscript and .jpg images to and include any special instructions or questions.