Book review of Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

“Primitive Adventure on the Naked Streets” (4 stars)

This reminded me a bit of the Ed McBain police procedurals except with only a single story line and following an EMS and/or paramedic (apparently there is a difference—who knew?) instead of detectives.

It was dirty and gritty, from the lurid cover to the trauma deaths on the inside. A tortured soul, contemplating suicide but compelled to save others, fights his daemons and finds true love—we hope.

This was “primitive” like artwork brought back from the jungles, where the natives may not have the proportions or perspective right, but there is still “something about” those breasts on that fertility goddess. That may not be the best comparison. Perhaps it is more like a horrible car wreck that compels you to look anyway. I’m referring to the adventures on the street, literally car wrecks (and worse).

Summary: not perfect but a good, quick read. I liked it.