Book review of The Mercury Man (Natalie Dvorak Mysteries) by Geoffrey A. Feller

Cozy Vermont Police Procedural (four stars)

I enjoyed The Mercury Man even though it is not quite my usual style. I thought it was starting slightly slowly, but, before I knew it, I was caught up in the story and wanted to see what would happen next. It was slightly short of “couldn’t put it down” but it still kept me up later than I had planned.

This book felt like a cross between an English “cozy” and a gentle Ed McBain with a single thread. I think what first caught my eye was that it featured a detective in Vermont and that reminded me of the Archer Mayor series about Joe Gunther that I enjoyed so much, with the added bonus that the hero is a heroine.

It really did have more than one thread, though. The main mystery was the murder of a woman, apparently by her husband who was convicted and is now in prison. But, was he innocent? A promise of new evidence arises. Did our heroine help convict the wrong man? Another thread, which I thoroughly enjoyed, was her love life, along with its moral questions. What would you do for love?

So, would I want to read more in the series? Yes, definitely. I liked it and hope for many four to five star sequels.