Book review of Stolen Prey by John Sandford

Well-done police procedural (4.2 stars)

I enjoyed it. I read it eagerly, but maybe I didn’t reach all the way up to loving it. The author’s craft and competence shine through and I don’t hesitate to recommend it. Maybe it lacked some of the spark of the early Lucas Davenport novels (or maybe it’s just me).

A brutal multiple torture/murder brings in Davenport to oversee the search for the killers. It looks like a Mexican drug cartel is responsible and more murders are expected. Before it is over, the killers target Davenport and his family. Of course, and I hope I’m not giving too much away here, Davenport survives. It was great to have his adopted teenage daughter Letty take an important role.

It was a solid police procedural with plenty of violence and heroism thrown in. With bad guys you can hate yet understand, and good guys you can root for, this is a good addition to the Davenport series.