Book review of Key Death (A Nicholas Colt Thriller) by Jude Hardin (published by Thomas & Mercer)

Perfectly Acceptable Escape Fiction (3.5 stars)

I read an advance review copy of this.

This was perfectly acceptable escape fiction, but I had been hoping for more. Still, it was readable. It started a bit slow and I thought I would spread it out over 3 or 4 late evenings. Unfortunately, I read somewhere past the 40% mark and then couldn’t put it down. I had to stay up late to finish the whole thing.

Because of various objections to the book, I think I should give it three stars, but because it compelled me to finish it in one sitting, I have to raise that to 3.5. The hero seemed a bit “dull” and I never warmed up to him. He made several foolish, unprofessional mistakes and was saved, or the plot was moved along, by unbelievable coincidences. The pacing was uneven with too little action in the first half and perhaps too much in the second.

From a “production quality” standpoint, the proofreading was perfect. I rarely see an eBook this clean. I didn’t see a single misspelled word or typo in the entire book. Whether this was due to the author’s attention to detail or to Thomas & Mercer, I don’t know.