Book review of Divas in Heat (Native Sun Casino Series) by J Fields Jr

Not quite starring Antonio-Cruz this time

Pleasant Romp (4 stars)

It used to be the Antonio Cruz series but apparently has expanded into the Native Sun Casino Series.

I think Divas in Heat is the third book in the series. But, if Bad Beat was the second, it owed some comeuppances that should have been delivered in Divas in Heat but were not. Did I miss a book?

It still involved Antonio Cruz but most of the focus was on consultants/troubleshooters Cyra Marti and her assistant Preston. On the surface, they are consulting on upscaling the pool area of the casino, but are really working on a deeper, scandalous problem.

The story is cute and the characters are entertaining. Cyra and Preston could lead to a spin-off.

Unfortunately, there were formatting and spelling, grammar, typo proofreading problems with the book, somewhere in excess of 50. That’s too many. Lack of a table of contents (and lack of a logical table of contents) made the book more difficult to navigate. This again in spite of an “Editing Services provided by Mr. Jim Parish at” credit at the end of the book. Jim, shouldn’t you advise your client to proofread his book? Yes, these are mostly minor problems and the book is still a good read and I recommend it.