Erotic Chemistry

How Atoms Get Laid

Atoms are a lot like people. Some are fairly well balanced, their rings feel complete. They rarely if ever "hookup" with another atom, and when they do, it is fairly unsatisfying. Generally, they are content to play with themselves.

Others, well, others aren't so well balanced. Their rings don't feel right. They itch. They don't feel complete. Itch is too mild a word. Their rings ache. For some, the imbalance feels like a protuberance that bounces around with a deep need to find a hole. For others, it feels like a hole that desperately needs to be filled. They need something. They don't know just what. They hit the booze. They hit the bars. They try to get together with things that don't quite fit, leading to short term, but ultimately unsatisfactory couplings and messy breakups.

Sometimes, though—ah!—two atoms that are perfectly complementary find each other and bam!. They come together in orgasmic delight, each completing its and the other's rings. They fall asleep peacefully intwined.

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